Changing Smiles

We are now more aware of appearance. Close ups are common with phone and digital cameras, and the quality of photos is improving.

Happy people laughing faces collage. Close-up smile portrait.

Today, most people have good cameras in their pockets and purses - an iPhone or Android phone often have camera quality to match that of a digital camera.


Good smiles and straight teeth are important and Mark, as a specialist orthodontist, wants you to have the best smile you can. Today, it is more than straight teeth, its about making the smile as good as it can be ..... there is a world of difference. Mark has the knowledge and skills to maximise the improvements to your smile.

Levels of concern

Bad bites, missing teeth, teeth that did not erupt, facial asymmetry and posturing.

Crowding, spacing, crooked teeth, poorly positioned teeth, uneven teeth, bucked teeth and underbites.

Improvements to the smile to maximise good dental display.