Your Smile

Healthy teeth, gums and bone are all essential to a healthy mouth, and in turn a beautiful smile.

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Our Smiles

We pride ourselves in 'creating great smiles'. We take additional steps many orthodontists do not

Straight Teeth

Straight teeth are our aim and we spend time and make effort to achieve the straightest teeth possible

Good Bites

Better function required removing functional interferences, taking more into account than just looks

Optimised Aesthetics

Making your smile its best using detailed aesthetics, something Mark is passionate about

Healthy Teeth

Healthy teeth and bone, to aim for teeth that last a lifetime and the bone to support them

Changing Smiles

It is more than straight teeth, it is about making the smile as good as it can be ..... there is a world of difference!


Above: A before and after orthodontics shot, taken 8 years apart. This patient was missing two teeth in the front of her mouth. We used braces to close the spaces left by these absent teeth, then used composite veneers to mimic the appearance of the usual dental arrangement.


Left: This is an example of Mark's work, 15 years on. This patient had their braces removed in 2004, and is still very happy with the look and feel of their teeth!